Turnon’s strengths are also services that we provide to all our stakeholders. Our services elevate our organization and industry to the next level, turning out to be the game-changers.


Agility is one of the key characteristics of Turnon’s R&D team. It is essential to match the pace of the constantly changing market trends and assimilate them. The insights from our R&D team sets the standards for our performance and contribute to the industries that we operate in as well.


Turnon encourages thinking out of the box. All our products are built upon innovation. We value listening to our team members. We appreciate discussions, experimentations, facing challenges, constant improvements, through which innovation is born.


Turnon practices optimization in every possible area of work. We believe that a product is successful, only when the right techniques enhance its efficiency and performance. Because engineering and optimization go hand in hand.

Audit and support

Turnon offers customized solutions to clients who are in need. We thoroughly analyze each case, identify loopholes, derive solutions, and implement them for efficient functioning. We also support our clients to upgrade systems in the electrical and electronic forte.

Certification and training

One candle can light a million; the same applies to knowledge. Turnon believes in sharing knowledge and empowering people. We conduct certification courses and training programmes for our staff members, dealers, and apprentices.


To widen our business borders, we provide franchising facility. We are happy to collaborate with many passionate entrepreneurs and increase our brand presence.